The Complete M-O-U S-E-E

EXCLUSIVE: Here is the full text of the memorandum of understanding agreed to by the Obama and Romney campaigns for their three presidential and one vice presidential debates.

The deal was signed on October 3, the day of the first presidential debate in Denver. The negotiators and signers were veteran Washington campaign lawyers Bob Bauer (for the President) and Ben Ginsberg (for Mitt Romney).

Neither the Commission on Presidential Debates nor the debate moderators are parties to the agreement.

(EARLIERModerator Role Under Scrutiny — Before the Debate)

I wrote Sunday about those provisions spelling out the campaigns’ conception of the role of the moderator for Tuesday’s town hall debate.

Some highlights from the full document:

  • What would happen if another candidate qualified for the debates.
  • The candidates agreed not to publicly call for any additional debates beyond the Commission-sponsored events.
  • Candidates aren’t allowed to cite anyone in the audience (besides family members) during the debate.
  • Candidates aren’t allowed to address questions to each other or ask the other candidate to take a pledge.
  • The moderators can’t do “show of hands” questions.

There are a lot of other provisions to pick over hereHave at it.

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