Obamans Bracket Romney

12:29 pm ET, July 23, 2012

[audio http://markhalperin.files.wordpress.com/2012/07/obama-foreign-policy-call.mp3%5DIn a Monday media conference call, Robert Gibbs and two campaign foreign policy advisers did a pretty good job of framing the Romney overseas trip on their terms.

Their main message: Romney should be held accountable for his foreign policy and national security rhetorical criticisms of the President that are rarely accompanied by specifics.

You can listen to the full call above and read the transcript here.

I recommend it, in part because Gibbs is in fine form and in part because it is a good example both of the skill and thoughtfulness of the Obama campaign and of Chicago’s frustration at what they see as Romney skating by without details on a range of issues.

The call also contains one of the most fantastic pushbacks of the cycle. In response to the frequent Republican complaint that Obama has not been to Israel as president, the Obamans pointed out that Ronald Reagan never went in his two terms in the Oval Office, a key fact unknown to me and many other reporters.

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