Overseas Investment Scolds for Truth

11:00 am ET, July 9, 2012

We are at a potentially critical moment in the presidential race over the Democrats’ attempts to make Romney’s Swiss bank account, Cayman Island investment funds, and secret tax returns into what the Republicans’ Swift Boating effort was for John Kerry in 2004.

It has long been clear that the Bush re-elect strategy would be highly instructive on the question of whether President Obama could win another term. Once again, we have an incumbent running in an environment so brutal that he can’t win an up-or-down referendum on his term. Thus, Obama, like Bush, has to make the election a choice between two options and disqualify the other option.

We are in a radically different politico-media age than we were just eight years ago, so the metrics for measuring whether such an effort is working have been transformed. Still, there are some aspects of the Swift Boating that don’t seem to be present for the Democrats, at least not yet.

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