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12:00 am ET, June 14, 2012

At some point over the next few months, both Barack Obama and Mitt Romney are going to have to address the question of how they might deal with the opposition party starting in January 2013.

It isn’t an academic or patty cake issue. Whether the next president turns out to be a re-elected Obama or a first-term Romney, neither man will be able to address the fiscal cliff issues of expiring tax cuts and automatic spending cuts without at least some cooperation from the other side of the aisle, no matter how the two parties divvy up control of Congress.

You don’t hear either candidate call for unified party control of Washington for a variety of reasons. In the President’s case in particular, the promise of a return to an Obama-Pelosi-Reid triumvirate is probably not the strongest card he could play.

But neither do Romney or Obama talk much about the virtues of divided government and their own credentials to bring both parties together in January to keep the country from going over that cliff.

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