Where We Are on Israeli Skinny Dipping

6:15 pm ET

Here’s what I said on “Hardball” Monday evening:

HALPERIN: Well, let me take the opportunity to condemn again, as I did this morning, Congressman Akin’s remarks, unambiguously, I think it’s important for all of us to speak out against those and the problems with them. On this story, the one thing that’s happened since the Politico story broke last night is it appears there’s no longer an FBI investigation. That’s what most of the reporting suggests. That’s good news for the Republicans but the shoes are still left to drop. The Congressman who went skinny dipping is playing it down. He said alcohol wasn’t part of his motivation, he was only in the water for a few seconds. But the question is begged, why was Eric Cantor so unhappy? Are there any pictures of any of this? What actually took place that caused the unhappiness? What caused the FBI to at least look into it? I think until we see what happens there it certainly might imperil some of the members involved but it also could be a broader scandal that hurts the Republican party. We just have to wait and see more of the facts and I think some reporters will look into it despite the Akin diversion, despite the Presidential obviously being a diversion for resources as well.


HALPERIN: It may be that this is innocent and that the facts as they’ve been presented create a misleading impression. I go back to, though, the question of what was upsetting to Eric Cantor? If the reporting is right that he dressed them all down, what was upsetting to him about it? If it was something that was acceptable, then I don’t see why he would be upset. He’s obviously one of the most prominent Jewish-American politicians, probably the most prominent Republican Jewish politician in Washington and he knows the country well. If he was upset, the question is begged: why was Eric Cantor upset?

Watch the video above.

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