The Bain Play

7:48 am ET, June 24, 2012

If, as seems at least possible, the Obama campaign helped the Washington Post and the New York Times with their Friday/Saturday double header of Bain Capital hits, at first blush the Obamans can’t be totally happy with the outcome. It takes nothing away from my newspaper colleagues to suggest that they might have received anywhere from a lot to a little assistance on their stories. Both pieces broke new ground: the Post on Bain’s sub-specialty of moving jobs overseas, the Times on Bain’s fee collection that often resulted in earnings for the firm while their partners lost out.

But both stories were published going into or over the warm weekend. Neither produced the kind of break-out headline or cable/broadcast TV pickup that Chicago would have wanted. And both were, at the same time, so thorough that other news organizations might not feel there is much more there for them to explore further.

On the other hand, the re-elect has always felt the Bain message would burn in over time with voters, and pull quotes from both newspaper stories are likely to show up in Obama paid media through the fall.

So there might not be instant satisfaction in One Prudential Plaza, but, to paraphrase the line, the arc of justice for Mitt Romney on Bain is long and bends gradually, but it might bend in time for November.

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