Portman and Marriage

Dick Cheney’s support for gay marriage (driven in part by his own daughter’s sexual orientation) was something of a paradigm shift for the Republican Party.

Rob Portman’s sudden declaration that he now backs same-sex marriage is going to further accelerate the move towards wide-spread acceptance.

Portman is extremely well liked within the party. The op-ed he wrote explaining his new position (and its personal nature) reflects his usual humanity, humility, careful reasoning, and determination.  Very few conservatives denounced Cheney for his view on the matter.  I doubt almost anyone from the right will criticize Portman either.

For several years now there has been speculation in political quarters about when a Republican with presidential aspirations might risk public support of gay marriage.  After today, the answer is pretty clear: 2016.

And it might not be seen as that big a risk.

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