The Center Tries to Hold

  • Bloggers and talk show hosts on the left and the right are totally against a grand bargain (no matter what’s in it!)
  • Eric Cantor is trying to occupy more of the middle in semiotics and process, per Politico’s very important story.
  • Ron Fournier’s National Journal “joke” story┬áis causing the usual Freak Show fervor, allowing those who want to mock or discount the President’s outreach efforts to mock away.
  • Keep your eye on what matters in the medium term (which is the term that matters…): can Harry Reid and Mitch McConnell make a deal? Beyond the numbers and programs, the process is key. Any compromise is likely to involve a process melange of regular order, a special committee or two, and some leadership-White House handshaking.
  • Today’s tea leaf to look for: does the President pull a mini or maxi “Sister Souljah” move at his Organizing for Action event?
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