Cliff Wars

Cards left to play in the coming tussles:
President Obama
  • The country’s appetite for higher taxes on the wealthy is not sated (White House pollsters believe).
  • The administration 2012 mantra about a “balanced approach” to deficit reduction still has juice.
  • There’s a reasonable chance the media will cover any government shutdown through the historic Clinton-Gingrich filter, favoring the President.
  • The Republicans have no bully pulpit or personality to match the White House and Barack Obama.
  • The nation does not want to turn Medicare into a voucher program or make structural changes to Social Security.
  • Thanks to some Republican governors, ObamaCare-as-law-of-the-land is closer to an accepted fact.
  • The incumbent can use the resources of the federal government to shape the debate.
  • The debt ceiling needs to be raised soon, potentially providing some leverage.
  • The decoupling of the expiration of the Bush tax cuts from the sequester gives the GOP a stronger hand.
  • Congressional Republicans are highly united on strategy right now.
  • Speaker Boehner seems to be feeling both confident and loved.
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