A Day in the Life of the Republican Party’s Search for Newness

Losing a presidential election can focus the collective mind, but the individual minds involved can have minds of their own.

As the Republican Party debates in public and in private what has to change, here are Tuesday’s tea leaves:

A. In the internal divisions over how to handle the end of the endgame on the sequester PR fight, the GOP is oh-so divided on what kind of legislation to offer.  Lindsey Graham and a few others are suddenly born-again tax raisers. John McCain is affronted by the notion of turning spending decisions fully over to the President.  And there remains a deep, subterranean fear that the White House would win the hearts-and-mind battle (big) if the current cuts kick in.

B. There’s a brand new list of Republican bigwigs who support gay marriage. The fact that there won’t be much backlash to this announcement (as compared to what would have ensued not that many years ago) speaks volumes.

C. The story of Chris Christie not being invited to speak at CPAC is reverberating on cable and the Internet. There will be more reporting on WHY he wasn’t invited, to be sure, but what is clear is that this is good for Christie — a freebie Sister Souljah moment that will help him with the media (as if he needs more of that!) and with Republicans who think they need to make a cleaner break with some of the party’s constituency groups.

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