Sequester Sunday

The latest back-and-forth on the sequester blame game is as depressing as it is confusing.

The original PR fight between the White House, Republicans, and Bob Woodward was over who was responsible for the sequester. At some juncture, as the White House was conceding on that point, the argument via the media shifted to, did the President agree to replace the sequester cuts only with spending reductions (as opposed to a mixture of new revenue and program cuts)?

That’s a separate argument. And one every bit as irrelevant as the first argument. ¬†Forgive me for sounding like a real American, but with cuts so crude and devastating that no one envisioned that they would actually take effect about to kick in, shouldn’t Washington’s leaders be negotiating over a solution instead of engaging in a series of who-shot-John sideshows?

And shouldn’t the media at least acknowledge that we have somehow moved on to a wholly separate — and equally meaningless — debate about the sequester that has almost nothing to do with a resolution?

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