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10:15 a.m. E.T.

With his inaugural address behind him (David Brooks celebrated it and sort of liked it; Fred Barnes not so much; most of the MSM thought it was smashing), the President now moves to his State of the Union address, budget, and policy decisions.

Among the interesting choices he faces:

  1. How thoroughly does he embrace the House Republican efforts to delay the debt ceiling showdown for a few months?
  2. How much does he work with Senate Democrats on a gun control package (both in private and in public)?
  3. How successfully can he build a quasi-Bush-style business-Hispanic-Democratic-religious-labor coalition on the front end of launching a major immigration reform effort?
  4. Which Senate Republicans does he try to draw in to working with him on immigration, climate change, and budget cutting?
  5. At what moment (if ever) does he choose to show his cards on how much entitlement reform (and benefit cutting) he is willing to do, which will bother the left?
  6. Does he overload the system with climate change, immigration, guns, and budget all at once, or try to sequence them in 2013 so that one gets a fall push as the others pass or fail?
  7. Does the President’s new Organizing for Action outfit go after some congressional Democrats from the left any time soon?

I ask these questions without any idea what the answers are, as I wait for my sources to come down from their parade highs.

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