Clinton’s Health

8:40 a.m. E.T.

From “Morning Joe”:

JOE SCARBOROUGH: How unusual is this that the information flow has been so slow coming out of the State Department?

MARK HALPERIN: The primary concern, for all of us around this table and for Americans, is her health and that she get better. We’re all thinking about her in those terms. At the same time, she’s a public official. Now, the Clintons probably have a longer and a more storied history with the balance between privacy and a public official than anyone else we’ve all covered. But, in this case, I think for any Secretary of State, the balance of information, to say she’s got a blood clot and not say where it was, it just, you know. Initially, a lot of people on the right were saying, “She’s not really sick. She just doesn’t want to testify on Benghazi.” For a lot of us all along the question’s been, there just needs to be accountability for someone in a position like that, whether their name is Clinton or not, and the information has not been very forthcoming.

Watch the video above.

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