From Boehner to McConnell

7:20 a.m. E.T.

With the Plan B failure, Senate Republicans are going to become the White House’s partners, I Magic 8 Balled on “Morning Joe”:

We had a two-man game for a while — Speaker Boehner and the President. I think now we have a different two-man game, which is going to be the President and Mitch McConnell, along with Senator Reid, on both the fiscal cliff and on guns, post-Connecticut. I think the strategy is going to be, for Republicans who want to save the brand — Mitch McConnell, Lamar Alexander, Rob Portman — their strategy is going to be: make deals with the White House, first on the fiscal cliff and then on guns, and then it’s going to be, ball is going to be in the court of the House and there’s going to be nowhere to hide. There’s going to be no ambiguity. What’s standing in the way of dealing with the fiscal cliff? Speaker Boehner striking a deal with a lot of Democrats and some Republicans to deal with that. And then I think the next issue will be guns and it’s going to be the same thing. If the White House can work with the Senate leadership on the Republican side and Senator Reid and they get a deal there that’s going to put Republicans in the House on the line to say, “Are you together with the country and with the other branch, the executive branch and the other chamber? Or are you going your own way?” And then it’s going to be up to John Boehner to decide what to do.

Watch the video above.

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