The Obama-Boehner Team

8:10 a.m. E.T.

What happens AFTER the top dogs get a deal done:

Well, look, to me, the critical moment, sometime, probably, in the next week, is when the President and Boehner get a deal, how that plays out afterwards. Again, in the old world of Washington, before grassroots and Twitter and everything else, the leaders would announce a deal and then they’d figure out a way to do a joint whip operation. The minute they get a deal it’s going to be picked apart by both sides. They’re going to have to, at that point, put aside the fact that their relationship has been so rough that there’s a lack of trust and a lack of respect, maybe, even and figure out a way, “How do we announce this in a way to make it possible, maybe likely, to get 218 votes.” That process of managing the public relations from the time they get a deal to the time it’s on the House floor is going to be critical and they’re going to have to cooperate there more than they have up until now.

Watch the video above.

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