Schumer on Point

7:55 a.m. E.T.

My Take on the Gentleman from New York’s Washington Post op-ed on guns from “Morning Joe”:

If you want to move legislation and reaction to what happened in Connecticut, having senators from New York and California be the face of it is not the smartest thing. But Chuck Schumer, go read his book, look at him as a strategist. He has been, like Rahm Emanuel, someone who understands that the country is not as progressive as their instincts are and he’s a great student of how to take the policies he wants to move forward and get them to be a more centrist sheen, a more centrist coalition. And I think his words to the left as well as to the center are pretty smart and I think, as a strategist, he’s going to be key in this, working with Joe Biden and others, maybe not as the face of it, as you suggested.

Watch the video above.

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