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From “Morning Joe”:

JOE SCARBOROUGH: For four years I’ve attacked the President for not sitting down and talking to small business owners, mid-sized business owners and CEOs. We all talked to the top CEOs in America over the past four years and they said, “This guy just doesn’t get it. He has no idea how to create a job.” Guess what? The CEOs, they’re all on his side. I mean, the very CEOs who were offended by what the President did over the past four years, they’re, almost all of them, are now going to the White House, going back to the Hill, trying to figure out why Republicans are not finishing this deal. And maybe the Republicans will finish a deal, maybe “Plan B”— But, it’s important for Americans to understand where these CEOs are. They need a deal to be done and they don’t need these political games being played at this late hour.

MARK HALPERIN: There’s no doubt you’re right. The White House has done a ton of reaching out, something that you and others have suggested they should have done a lot earlier. That has not produced, though, the imperative that we not go over the cliff. There’s such a willingness to go over the cliff by people on both sides, I think that’s a real problem because you can only get a deal if there’s a lot of pressure. This is the easy part though. Getting the deal between Boehner and the President is the easy part. The tough part is getting a majority in the House. I still think, as I have all along, that it’s going to have to be more Democratic votes than Republican votes to get passed and that’s the challenge for Boehner. He’s not ready to pull that yet. I don’t know, I think, to some extent, the “Plan B” is an attempt for him to give his people a chance to vote for something that they want to be for but then it’s going to have to shift more to the President’s train more than Speaker Boehner’s and he’s going to have to be willing, as a patriot and as someone who doesn’t want us to go over the cliff, to bring something to the floor that’s basically a more Democratic plan than a Republican plan.

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