The Hillary Clinton Republican Primary (Cont.)

10:30 a.m. E.T.

More from “Morning Joe”:

All these Republicans we’re talking about — Rubio, Bobby Jindal, all the others, Paul Ryan — they all have some strengths. They’re all now talking, the smarter ones, are talking about trying to remake the party, standing up to the party a little bit. The reason why the Hillary Clinton thing is such a big challenge for them is there’s no doubt about Hillary Clinton. Can she raise the money? Is she well-known? Does she have good relationships with her own party? Does she have appeal across the aisle? I mean, yes. Yes to national security experience. Yes to everything. And all these Republicans have to prove themselves within the Republican Party but also do the thing you and Nicolle Wallace talked about, which is appeal to Hispanics, broaden the base of the party, build an organization, raise money, all these things. It’s an extraordinary task and while it is early, if you’re going up against Hillary Clinton, the absolute presumption in this city, in China, in lots of other places, you’ve got a huge project. Four years isn’t enough time if she runs.

Watch the video above.

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