The Art of the Deal

7:10 a.m. E.T.

From “Morning Joe”:

JOE SCARBOROUGH: John Boehner’s counteroffer was pathetic. Even the Tea Party groups are saying John Boehner’s counteroffer was pathetic. This Republican Party in the House better show courage or it’s going to be voted out of power two years from now. And I’m not talking about more taxes. I want to see, at least, if you’re not going to offer new revenue, you better offer a lot of cuts and they’re doing neither. So, you got to blame both sides but there’s only one President.

MARK HALPERIN: I mean, the President’s going to have to do something big, I think, to get this done. He’s not— he’s got more power and sway than a lot of people, including I, thought he would have coming out of the election. He won a decent-sized mandate, particularly on these important issues like entitlement reform and new revenue, but he’s going to have to do something big. There’s been a four-year chorus of: he doesn’t get along with either party; he doesn’t make the kind of effort you’re talking about. I don’t think there’s any doubt that he’s going to, particularly with John Boehner, have to find some human-interconnection moment that says, “We’re doing this.” And that’s when the tough part starts because once there’s a Leader deal, getting it through the House, whatever the terms of it, is going to be super hard.

Watch the video above.

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