The Art of the Deal (Cont.)

7:30 a.m. E.T.

More from “Morning Joe”:

JOE SCARBOROUGH: That’s how deals are done but you never get there if you don’t have a President and Congress that are talking to each other.

WILLIE GEIST: But they can’t do that now.

JOE SCARBOROUGH: Why can’t they do it?

WILLIE GEIST: It’s been the centerpiece of their argument since the campaign and, now, Tim Geithner on the Sunday shows. Every time they talk about it, they say, “There is no deal without raising taxes on the wealthy.”

MARK HALPERIN: And they’re right. I mean, as a matter of political reality, no deal will be done without higher marginal rates on the wealthy. But I think the President and the White House would do itself a favor, and the other Democrats, if they stopped talking about this with glee. If they stopped talking about — the whole deal involves raising taxes on the wealthy. They should say that’s part of a bigger package and they need to talk about spending cuts and why that’s important too. I think that would make Republicans feel better and it would strengthen their hand.

JOE SCARBOROUGH: But they think they have a politically winning hand by talking about tax rates for the rich.

MARK HALPERIN: And they do.

Watch the video above.

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