Friday Morning Cliff Notes #3

10:10 a.m. E.T.

On why the ultimate bargain probably won’t win a majority of the majority in the House:

JOE SCARBOROURH: The problem is, Mark Halperin, with where we are right now, is that this provocative offer from Democrats will elicit a provocative offer from Republicans and we will then have Democrats shocked and stunned and deeply saddened, and we will be another step closer to the fiscal cliff.

MARK HALPERIN: This offer reinforces what my belief has been the whole time, which is Boehner is going to have to allow a vote that doesn’t get a majority of the majority, that is basically built on Democratic votes and enough Republicans to get to 218 in the House, not an offer where the President really risks losing a lot of Democrats and builds off Republican votes. The President won the election. I think the President thinks he can build that majority. But Boehner is going to have to believe that it’s worth it to say to his party, “We’re going to vote on something that a lot of us don’t like.” He’s going to have to vote for it and that’s the kind of thing we had with the TARP vote. It’s the kind of thing we’ve had with some other tough votes but that is a different kind of coalition than the President and Boehner, together, saying, “We’re each going to offend the base of our party.” There are going to be some Democrats offended but it’s clear the President thinks he’s going to get a Democratic bill on this issue through the Congress.

Watch the video above.

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