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My simple proposal to solving the Benghazi discord, via “Andrea Mitchell Reports”:

ANDREA MITCHELL: The Republicans are not going to drop this, and, in fact, on “Meet the Press,” Mike Rogers raised an entirely new subject. He suggested that there should be questions asked about whether since, Eric Holder, the Attorney General, knew about the Petraeus situation, whether, in some informal way, that was communicated to the President. Let me ask you first, Mark, what about that suggestion?

MARK HALPERIN: Well, look, this issue has not become bipartisan yet in the skepticism you hear from Lindsey Graham and John McCain, in particular. It’s such a clear division between the two sides that it’s divided the Three Amigos. Even Senator Lieberman, who normally sides with Senator McCain and Senator Graham has said no, he doesn’t have the same level of concern about all this stuff. And we don’t generally see foreign policy scandals becoming huge issues that sustain unless a member of the President’s own party or some members of the President’s own party raise questions. Mike Rogers has questions. Lindsey Graham has questions. I believe, if the administration has as strong a case as it claims it does, that Secretary Clinton should come back from the trip and she should brief them, in private, on all this stuff — public would be better but I suspect she’d make more progress in private — to let them know what the facts are.

Watch the video above.

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