More on the State of the GOP

8:25 a.m. E.T.

From “Morning Joe”:

It’s very easy to criticize Mitt Romney right now because of where he stands in the party after his loss. The harder thing, which Republicans have not done — we’ve talked about this so much — is take on the media freak show and the circus. Take on the party who doesn’t want to be a leader on immigration. You know, people are talking about immigration now and, of course, it seems like Republicans are ready to take that on. But when there’s actual legislation, when you actually have to join arms with the President and be a leader the way President Bush was on the issue and for Senator McCain was, for a time, on the issue, that’s going to be really hard. That’s when you’ve got to take incoming from the Right and it’s going to be difficult to do. You take on the big banks, same thing. Take on Afghanistan, same thing. That’s what the party is going to have to do to change its brand and its image and to be confident that they are standing in the right place to broaden the party rather than to stay a narrow party.

Watch the video above.

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