True Emotion

9:20 a.m. E.T.

My best explanation on “Morning Joe” of why the President showed so much emotion with his campaign staff in this video:

JOE SCARBOROUGH: This seems like, talking about exhaling, this seems like this has been quite an emotional time for [the President].

MARK HALPERIN: I can’t unpack the whole thing because I haven’t talked to the President directly about it but, you know, they made somewhat of a risk putting the campaign in Chicago. So, you had David Plouffe and the other folks at the White House and the President in Washington and then you had Jim Messina, David Axelrod, and others in Chicago. And, the President, I thought, went out of his way on election night to praise his campaign team, pretty much more fully than I’ve ever heard a winning or losing presidential candidate say. It was an intense place. I spent a little bit of time in that headquarters and you couldn’t help, when you were in there, to recognize that these, for a re-elect, this was an emotional — I wouldn’t say upstart — but they were a hungry campaign from the beginning. They recognized the challenge they faced and the President, even though he’s in a different city, I think that reflects his awareness of how hard that giant group of people worked in that headquarters and in the White House to help him get re-elected.

Watch the video above.

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