W of ’99

1:45 p.m. E.T.

On MSNBC, I muse about what kind of leader the Republican Party needs now:

MARK HALPERIN: It seems to me what the party needs — and when I’m tired and my defenses are down, I court Twitter attacks — the party needs a compassionate conservative, who’s a reformer with results, who’s comfortable going after Washington as a presidential candidate, including his own party. Who has a record as a governor of getting things done.

ALEX WAGNER: Whose name is Chris Christie.

MARK HALPERIN: No, his name is George W. Bush! George W. Bush circa 1999. If there were a candidate just like that today…a successful governor who’s a reformer with results, who sent pox on both parties in Washington, who was comfortable with the right but could speak to suburban voters and is not afraid to go to California, African-American neighborhoods, and Cleveland, Hispanic neighborhoods, I think that person would do well for the Republican Party but I don’t see who it is.

Watch the video above.

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