The Speech

7:32 a.m. E.T.

My Take on “Morning Joe”:

JOE SCARBOROUGH: What was your take on the speech?

MARK HALPERIN: The President was not just gracious; he was fantastic. That was one of the, I think that was the best speech of the whole campaign that he gave. And it was a lot like his 2004 speech, his 2008 speech. A lot of people were asking, “Where was that speech at the convention? Where was that guy?” Look, he spent the last year, after the budget talks fell apart, he spent the last year basically saying I’m going to have to go get a new mandate by drawing sharp contrast. Last night, he talked about reaching out. The text of that speech and the passion of it was fantastic. He’s got to prove to Republicans, from their point of view, that he means it and he’s going to follow through on it. But I thought lots of stuff was great yesterday. No voting irregularities of any significance. No overtime election. A popular vote winner also winning the Electoral College and that speech, a great end to the evening, to say to the country: even though it’s a status quo election in terms of who controls the power, this President is putting out his hand to say, “I want to meet with Mitt Romney. I’m going to go back to what got me elected the first time.” A fantastic platform to build off of for the country and for him.

Watch the video above.

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