GOP or Gop

7:35 a.m. E.T.

From “Morning Joe”:

The Republican Party is going to be a circular firing squad for the foreseeable future. They thought they were devastated after Barack Obama won last time. They thought it will be ten years in the wilderness and then they won. Chris Christie won and Bob McDonnell won and Scott Brown won. And then they swept the midterms and they thought, “You know what? Opposing Barack Obama, just being against everything he’s fought for, is enough.” Last night it wasn’t enough. It wasn’t near enough. They lost a lot of Senate races for the same reason and now the soul-searching and the circular firing squad really commences. Chris Christie will get a lot of blame. So will Mitt Romney. But the lack of leaders and ideas and mechanics of how to win elections is going to be— it’s going to be ugly. And people like Chris Christie are going to have to deflect some of the incoming but they’re also going to have to step forward and say, “What kind of party are we going to be? How are we going to compete in states like-?” Forget losing the battleground counties for a minute in the battleground states. What about California? A party that can’t get 40 percent of the vote, much above 40 percent of the vote in California is not a party about the future.

Watch the video above.

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