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2:05 p.m. E.T.

My discussion on MSNBC’s “Andrea Mitchell Reports”:

ANDREA MITCHELL: What are you going to be looking at?

MARK HALPERIN: Well, you can look for tealeaves in battleground counties, not just in swing counties but also in counties where one side needs to run up the score big if they’re going to have a chance. Virginia and Ohio are the two lynchpins to this election. Ohio is the key to the race, as Chris suggested, because if Mitt Romney found a way to win Ohio, suddenly the Electoral College advantage flips on its head. If he wins Ohio, he’s going to be in the driver’s seat, in terms of the Electoral College. So, Virginia counts quickly. I’m worried that Ohio will have the kind of irregularities that will maybe put us late into the night or beyond. So, really, I think Virginia is the key to the evening, initially. If Mitt Romney doesn’t win Virginia there’s a path, but there’s not a great one.

ANDREA MITCHELL: And which counties, to both of you, where in Virginia would you be looking? To Lynchburg? Down to the Tidewater area? Norfolk?

MARK HALPERIN: Look, there’s swing counties to look at but Virginia is a classic case where there are swing counties but there’s also counties where one side or the other must run up a big score if they’re going to have a chance to win. The counties outside Washington, around Washington, are the most important in terms of the swings.

Watch the video above.

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