State of the Race (Cont.)

9:35 a.m. E.T.

More of my analysis on where Obama vs. Romney stands and the make up of the 2012 electorate, this time on “Morning Joe”:

“One of the numbers I’ve been watching of late, after the Denver debate, was how many more people think the President is going to win. I don’t think there’s been a poll yet that I’ve seen where more people think Governor Romney is going to win. But the gap has narrowed. It’s moved back a little bit, in general, since the storm but Governor Romney, I think, is where he needs to be in terms of the psychology. You want to go into the last weekend and into Election Day where people think you can win. You don’t want anyone to think it’s over because people want to vote for the winner. The independent number is one thing that Republicans have gotten out there and talked a lot about and I can’t get my arms around it completely. I do know that if the electorate is a lot like the 2008 electorate, the President is going to win overwhelmingly. But that’s not going to happen and if you look at Ohio — elected John Kasich and Rob Portman two years ago, Pennsylvania — elected Pat Toomey and a Republican governor two years ago, Wisconsin — elected and then kept in office Scott Walker in the last two years. So there’s a lot of reasons to think the electorate is going to be somewhat different and maybe substantially different than four years ago.”

Watch the video above.

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