Maybe Mind the Gap

7:40 a.m. E.T.

From “Morning Joe”:

JOE SCARBOROUGH: Their crowds are huge. You followed Romney. You told me what everybody else is telling me. Romney’s crowds are absolutely electric.

MARK HALPERIN: I saw the President in Ohio and Governor Romney in Ohio over the weekend and there’s no question that Governor Romney’s crowds are big. The President drew some big crowds this weekend too, including Saturday night in Virginia with Bill Clinton. But there’s no question that one of the things the Romney people can seize on is the potential that they have more enthusiasm. Plenty of enthusiasm for the President too but there’s a lot of enthusiasm for Mitt Romney and for beating the President, on that side.

JOE SCARBOROUGH: And people get upset when you say this, but…Jeff Zeleny said this yesterday, talked about how the energy is on the side of Romney. I think that may just be the challenger versus the incumbent. But you don’t have that excitement from everybody that’s been out there at the President’s rally, this past weekend at least.

MARK HALPERIN: Saturday…midday in a Cleveland suburb, in one of the swing counties in Cleveland, the President did an event in a high school gym. Couple thousand people. Gym was packed. Great event. But ┬áit wasn’t what I would’ve expected the last weekend in Cleveland, last time he goes to Cleveland, for him to do. The President’s team has plenty of enthusiasm. They clearly have a strong turnout operation. Their micro-targeting efforts are much more sophisticated than, I think, they’ve led us to believe so far. We will find out later. But if you’re a Republican and you want something to hang this on, enthusiasm, you go to the storm. You’re right. There are plenty of Republicans close to the Romney campaign who are saying, basically, if we lose this, it will be because of the storm. We’ll never know. There’s no way to tease that out. But there are plenty of them who believe that could have been the moment in which the election was decided, by blotting out their momentum.

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