More on Republican Sandy Worries

7:55 a.m. E.T.

From “Morning Joe”:

Here are the two reasons Republicans are really worried about this. Number one, politicians don’t like uncertainty. There’s a lot of uncertainty on the Republican side. How big a deal will this be? The coverage of the storm is going to carry all the way through the election in the national press and the President has hit every mark. On substance and on stage craft, he’s hit every mark. So, he’s going to blot out a lot of the effort of Republicans to message. The other thing is, what was Mitt Romney’s closing argument? I can work across the aisle. This President has a four year record of failure, doesn’t know how to work with the other side. The symbolism of, with Chris Christie, working across the aisle, getting things done, it goes right to the heart of how Mitt Romney wanted to close this election.

Watch the video above.

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