Axelrod on Indies

10:13 a.m. E.T.

My “Morning Joe” exchange with the Obama strategist on Ohio, polls, and the independent vote:

MARK HALPERIN: Number one, do you think you’re ahead among independents in Ohio today? Two, do you think you’ll win independents in Ohio on Election Day, overall, in the final tally? And finally, do you think the winner of Ohio will win independents?

DAVID AXELROD: I think we are ahead. I’m trying to calculate. This is life with Halperin. There’s never one question. It’s always a three-part question.

MARK HALPERIN: They’re interconnected.

DAVID AXELROD: I think we will win with independents in Ohio.

MARK HALPERIN: And then therefore you think the winner will win with independents because you think you’re going to win?

DAVID AXELROD: Yeah. Right, yes.

MARK HALPERIN: Why do you think so many polls, in Ohio and in other states and nationally, show the President ahead or even but with Governor Romney winning independents?

DAVID AXELROD: I can’t speak to that but, you know, in the data that I see, we’re doing well with independents and part of it, Mark, is how polls are conducted and how people identify themselves, you know, in the poll. But I think, when you get to election day that people who are genuinely independent, I think, are going to break slightly our way in these battleground states. That’s the data that I’m looking at. That’s what I believe. Obviously, we’re going to do very, very well with Democrats but we’re getting the break on independents as well and that’s why we’re competitive in all these states.

Watch the video above.

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