The Most Important Person in America

9:25 a.m. E.T.

My David Plouffe monologue on “Morning Joe”:

I think the most important person in this election right now is not the candidates, for today at least, it’s David Plouffe, senior White House adviser, ran the President’s campaign last time. Brilliant at understanding the intersection between the campaign and the government. Lots of control over both, and, obviously, was central to the decision to say the President shouldn’t do this event in Florida today, should come back to Washington. And I think you will see David Plouffe doing a couple things. One, the symbolism of the office, making sure they don’t mess up. The biggest threat to the President right now is that the federal government doesn’t respond to the storm in the right way. If they get that piece correct then it’s the symbolism of how many days does he have to simply be FEMA-commander-in-chief? When can he go back out on the campaign trail? And, to Harold’s point, when he goes back, what kind of events can he do?

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