An Aggressive Incumbent Who Says He Is Ahead

8:53 a.m. E.T.

From “Morning Joe”:

MARK HALPERIN: The President is, by definition, an incumbent. He’s also, by the accounts of his campaign, ahead. You got an incumbent who says he’s ahead on every answer, aggressively attacking the other guy, rather than sitting back. I think two things. One is, he was still haunted by the Denver performance. He still needed to go out, just as he did in the second debate, and say, “Forget Denver. I’m aggressive. I’m fighting for this job.” And the other thing is he believes, having studied Mitt Romney’s statements and record on foreign policy, that it’s disqualifying, that he shouldn’t be commander-in-chief and he wanted to prove it on every answer. Every opportunity to say, you guys need to focus on this man. His statements are too inconsistent, much like George Bush and John Kerry.

JOE SCARBOROUGH: I actually think you may have seen, with the President, a man who believed that his opponent was unworthy. And that his flip-flops on foreign policy did disqualify him.

Watch the video above.

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