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8:51 a.m. E.T.

My colloquy with Joe Scarborough on “Morning Joe” about the Obama ground game:

JOE SCARBOROUGH: Compare the Obama voter machine with 2004, with Karl Rove’s and Ken Mehlman’s machine.

MARK HALPERIN: In terms of the theory of the case, it’s the same, which is they want voter-to-voter contact, neighbor-to-neighbor, not outsiders coming in but people talking to people they know who’ve been on the ground for a long time. As a matter of scale, as a matter of quantity, it’s the biggest one that’s ever been built. I think, I would say far bigger or substantially bigger than even what Ken Mehlman and President Bush did in their re-elect. If the enthusiasm gap is big, those mechanics are not going to be able to turn people out. You cannot force people uninterested in the election, or dispirited, to vote. But if there’s enough of a spark, and that’s part of what the President is trying to do now — strike that spark with the base, if enough of a spark there is with the mechanics that could easily be the difference in this race.

Watch the video above.

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