Email from Romney Super PAC “Restore Our Future” To Its Donors

Team —

WOW. Though I am beginning to sound like a broken record, poll after poll after poll continues to show Mitt gaining ground in state after state. When a Democratic polling firm, PPP, shows Romney within 1 in Ohio and Virginia, and ahead by 1 in Iowa and New Hampshire, you know things are going well.

And the good news keeps coming. Thanks to your generosity, October has already been our biggest fundraising month EVER. The enthusiasm is AWESOME!

Obviously, this is no time to take our foot off the gas pedal. Obama continues to significantly outspend the Romney campaign on television. So, to help blunt that advantage, ROF will be going up with a $17 million ad campaign beginning on Tuesday in 10 target states. We will be running one of 3 ads For those states that have not yet seen our spot, “New Normal”, this ad will run in those states. For those states that have seen “New Normal”, they will now see a spot called “Better”, which hits on the same themes – that it’s NOT okay to settle in America and that we need to continue to fight to be the best. And in each of these states a small portion of our buy, about 20%, will be used to air a spot called “Genuinely Cares”, featuring Damon, a double-amputee war vet that Mitt helped.

In addition to the television ad buy described above, we continue to work closely with other Super PACs to blunt Obama’s advertising advantage. For example, American Crossroads is supplementing our $17 million buy with additional funds in key battleground states. In turn, next week they are going up with an expansive buy that ROF will supplement with an additional (and minimum) $8 million in ROF spending. Americans for Job Security (AJS), they will be going back up on the air with “Running” in key markets where the gender gap is most pronounced.

As the Romney-Ryan momentum grows, and more states become within reach, the needs list grows. We will be sitting down on Monday to evaluate each and every need, but here are a sampling of key needs that remain very important, and which we want to attack—should we have the available funds:

Maine-Congressional District 02 (1 electoral vote)

  • TV – Maine electoral votes are awarded by Congressional District

Expand “Genuinely Cares” buy into target markets

  • TV – it’s a powerful message, and one that augments the economic message. This would allow us to run it as much as the economic ad in selected markets.

Florida—Targeted to Seniors

  • TV and phones targeting Seniors, as in our last survey, Mitt was down 25 points with Seniors. Significant resources have already been deployed against this problem but more could be done.


  • TV – 1600 gross ratings points in all markets. Current polling shows Mitt –4. PA is always a challenge but with numbers like this, and a GOP Senate candidate spending more than $10 million of his own money in that race, there is an outside chance for a Romney-Ryan victory.

Additional TV in Target Battleground States

  • TV – to out-buy and “out-shout” Obama rather than just pull even

Specifically Strengthen Michigan and Wisconsin

  • TV – add 400 points a market. ROF is buying 1000 points here. We are the only Super PAC in Michigan, and buying more than 1000 would help.

I’m getting calls and emails every day from people who want to do more, asking what and where the needs are, and what they can do. Recognizing that so many of you have been generous time and time again, the list above represents a focused list of “if we have the funds, this is where those funds will be deployed.” It is safe to say that between now and Thursday, November 1, if you or those in your circles desire to contribute to Restore Our Future, those dollars will be deployed rapidly, strategically, and efficiently.

And just so we are all on the same page, between now and November 1, there is no scenario or situation where we would not be able use additional funds—every dollar will be spent to help Mitt, wisely and with impact.

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