Closing Arguments

10:45 a.m. E.T.

Here’s at least one of my predictions that has come true: I’ve long said that Mitt Romney would try to argue in the final days that he could better break the partisan gridlock in Washington and get things done.

This new TV spot “Bringing People Together” is part of what will be an effort in the last two weeks to win this fight.

The President and his advisers have a million reasons why Obama hasn’t been able to fulfill his pledge to end the bickering in Washington and build centrist coalitions. And they have a million more talking points to argue that things would be different in a second term. And the White House is right that Republicans have reflexively and sometimes nihilistically opposed the Obama agenda from the start.

But the media, the Republicans, and at least some voters are highly skeptical about a re-elected President Obama being able to broker deals with the GOP leadership on the fiscal cliff or anything else.

Romney’s past record is both limited and mixed on this score, but he isn’t burdened by four years of mostly failure to work across the aisle in DC.

Choosing Paul Ryan over Rob Portman made it tougher to win this argument, but this new ad makes it clear that Romney and his team think they have a winning hand on an issue that matters a lot to a decent chunk of swing voters.

Watch the ad above.

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