The Big Three

8:55 a.m. E.T.

Keying of this essential read by Politico’s Jonathan Martin, we discuss on “Morning Joe” the primacy of the Electoral College face-offs in Florida, Virginia, and Ohio:

WILLIE GEIST: Where does the Romney campaign see, of those three states, the most opportunity, number one, and which one are they most concerned about?

MARK HALPERIN: Most opportunity is Florida. In fact, I think they are hoping they can effectively put it away in the next few weeks. Obama folks here don’t agree with that. Ohio is the toughest one. Romney continues to have some idiosyncratic problems there, in terms of his style, in terms of his record on some issues, particularly the auto bailout. His time in Ohio this weekend, I think, showed that he’s looking for a winning economic message there. Part of it revolves around energy but, I think, in general, he’s going to need a stronger message there on bringing back the Ohio economy, which, of course, is already improving, which is complicating his message there when you’ve got a Republican governor going around, talking about how great Ohio is doing.

Watch the entire segment above.

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