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7:10 am ET

From “Morning Joe”:

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: Mark Halperin, how do you think it went down? Is there a clear winner here?

MARK HALPERIN: You know, I thought they both did fine — exactly the way you all have been discussing, that they both did well for their base and the Democrats needed a strong [performance]. They couldn’t afford another loss, given what happened with the President in Denver. I made Congressman Ryan a slight favorite, or gave him a slight edge only because the strong instinct of a lot of people was the mannerisms of the Vice President were off-putting. I think he didn’t show enough grace. He didn’t show enough of his positive attributes. And, so, I thought, again, if we’re going to try to divine the impact this might have on those voters in the middle, I thought the Vice President was a little bit off-putting at times. Paul Ryan, you know, we’ve seen a series of vice presidential debates where the dynamic was, could be more junior person be kind of embarrassed and schooled. Think about Sarah Palin, John Edwards, Dan Quayle. I thought Paul Ryan [was] incredibly impressive. Biden dominated the debate but there wasn’t a moment where Paul Ryan had a deer in the headlights look and I think that’s pretty significant for him, both in terms of getting through this, but also his long-term future.

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