Thursday’s Polls

8:10 am ET

My Take from “Morning Joe” on the new NBC News/WSJ/Marist and CBS News/Quinnipiac/New York Times polls:

SCARBOROUGH: If you look at the big trend though, you’ve got to look at the fact that a lot of Americans in these swing states are looking at the economy, saying things are getting better.

HALPERIN: It’s clearly a huge factor and yet, obviously, the debate from Denver is also a huge factor. I think, you know, we look a lot at the margin of error, and these numbers aren’t shifting all that much. What’s key is in a lot of the states, the President is below 50. That’s a danger sign for him. The economy getting better is good for him. It all goes back to the electoral college though. You play with the numbers. You look at these polls. Romney still had to win six, or seven, or maybe eight of the battleground states in order to take this and, right now, he’s not there. But, he’s in a better position, clearly, than he was a week ago. The economy getting better has caused Romney to switch a little bit, talking not just about the economy but also about leadership and also trying to make himself a more acceptable alternative, both personally and ideologically.

Watch the video above.

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