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My Take from “Morning Joe” on the questions being raised about President Obama’s attendance at Martha Raddatz’s wedding to her former husband:

SCARBOROUGH: Don’t you think ABC should have just put this information out early? Would have diffused it months ago.

HALPERIN: Well, first of all, I was Martha’s longtime colleague and I’ll echo what you all said: she’s really one of the best reporters America has. I think a lot of people are going to be seeing her tonight, focused in this context, for the first time. Her credibility, integrity, and fairness is beyond question. I think John Podhoretz, on Twitter, said it best, which is, “I’m sure she can be fair because everybody’s very objective about their ex-husband’s best friend from their wedding.” I mean, if there’s a question about bias it may cut the other way. I don’t think anybody is acting shocked that it’s disclosed or not disclosed. I really think it’s a non-issue. There’s so many incidents of bias in the media that, for people to focus on this? Judge her by her work both in the past and how tough she’s been on administrations of both parties. Judge her tonight, where I’m sure she’ll be outstanding. This is, I think— there are plenty of other things to talk about, with all due respect, than whether who went to Martha’s wedding, who’s on the groom’s side of Martha’s wedding, many years ago.

SCARBOROUGH: Do you think viewers don’t have a right to know that information?

HALPERIN: They have a right to know but, you know, they have a right to know everything about Martha, not just this one thing. Absolutely people should know.

Watch the video above.

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