What I’m Wondering Now

5:20 pm ET

  1.  When will we get some big sample battleground state polls that will truly show us the post-Denver trend?
  2. Given the jobs numbers, the relatively light campaign schedules, and the news realities of the weekend, the winner of Saturday/Sunday news cycles will probably be who performs best on the Sunday shows.  So: who has the better surrogates going in booked on programs and who will actually deliver?
  3.  Is the “new” Mitt Romney going to be on offer through Election Day, or might he backslide?  And, if the new model sustains through at least Monday, how will it impact the deliver and reception of his foreign policy speech.
  4. Was the Obama TV ad released Saturday morning as carefully focus grouped as most of Chicago’s spots are?
  5. Is playing the Big Bird card presidential (even with a larger point behind it)?
  6. Is Paul Ryan’s goal to win the debate or just not lose it?
  7.  Who will deliver to Joe Biden the most unvarnished private version of “don’t say anything untoward” before Thursday’s vice presidential debate?
  8. How does the Romney campaign assume the President will behave in the next debate and how does Romney game out reacting to that?
  9. Are there any Colin Powell-type endorsements waiting to drop
  10. Most important: what message will Barack Obama try to drive between now and the next debate?
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