The Real Romney

7:55 am ET

Me, on “Morning Joe,” on how Romney finally showed the American people what he is really like:

[President Obama] ended up in a room with a guy, who, from his first answer, was not the version of Mitt Romney, I think, he practiced against. So, all the prep he did, and he didn’t do as much prep as he might have, all the prep was against John Kerry channeling the Mitt Romney of the past five years.

[Governor Romney] talked in a different way. His focus was different, in terms of what he talked about. He was comfortable with himself. He didn’t radiate the vulnerability of the kind that I think the President was planning to exploit. And he was very careful in the words he chose. Again, he didn’t leave a lot of openings for the President to go after him.

One of the things that, I think, is overlooked about why this could matter so much is these are both really politically appealing, talented guys. They wouldn’t be where they were without it. We all know what is politically appealing and personally appealing about the President. We see it almost every day. Even if you don’t like the President, you’ve got to respect his political skills. Romney-haters don’t understand why that was so potentially potent is his performance was real. That is what Mitt Romney is like off television. If he did it on television…that guy in the debate, that guy could win…. That’s why it’s so potent and dangerous. That’s a real guy.

Watch the video above.

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