Not Going There

2:33 pm ET

The President’s Denver decisions, from “Andrea Mitchell Reports” on MSNBC:

ANDREA MITCHELL: What Congresswoman DeGette said yesterday when I was interviewing her in Colorado was why did he not bring up the women’s issues? Tell me that.

MARK HALPERIN: I mean, I think there’s a range of things where the President’s campaign surrogates, and advertising, and messaging, and sometimes the President himself, certainly the Vice President, have been strong where the President just didn’t go there in the debate. I can’t really explain that except it seems like — both David Axelrod, speaking on the record, and based on some of my conversations and the President’s actual performance — it seemed like he just wanted to take what was presented. Whatever topic either Jim Lehrer brought up or Governor Romney brought up, that’s where the President was going to play defense and push back a little bit. He did not try to turn anything. I can’t really explain why he didn’t but it certainly didn’t serve him well. There’s a reason why they’ve driven women’s issue and the 47% and they’ve done it effectively. Why he thought the debate wasn’t the place to continue to drive those, I do not know.

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