Ask Mitt Anything

2:40 pm ET

My Take on the upcoming town hall format from MSNBC’s “Andrew Mitchell Reports”:

ANDREA MITCHELL: What do you anticipate coming up now? Next we’ve got the two vice presidents, the Vice President and his challenger, Paul Ryan there. And how about the town hall format for Barack Obama? The conventional wisdom has been, because everybody has Bill Clinton in their mind, that the Democrat, President Obama, will do better in the town hall at relating, and empathizing, and showing he connects to people. I’m not so sure about this President.

MARK HALPERIN: Well, I’m not so sure. Although both of them will be, I think the thing through. I’ll tell you, the strongest Mitt Romney’s been, in my experience, as a presidential candidate, beyond the debate the other night, was the events he did in both cycles — both the last campaign, 2008, and this one — his so-called “Ask Mitt Anything” events, where he did take questions from people. He showed humor and the kind of fluidness and personality that he showed in the debate in those events. And I think the people who think this format clearly favors the President, I don’t think are right.

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