More on Romney’s Perf

1:05 am ET

Me, on a midnight ET edition of “Hardball,” breaking down Romney’s Denver performance:

The most important thing, in terms of impacting the race, is he revved up the base, without a doubt. I mean, you can…go to any Republican, any conservative in the country, they’re psyched. Not just because he won; because he hit a lot of their buttons. But he also simultaneously, in style and substance, appealed to centrist voters and that was what he needed to do.

There’s a bunch of things he said tonight, on taxes, on Medicare, on Romneycare, that fact checkers will go to town on. And they should. He should be called out for things that he said that aren’t strictly accurate. But, you look at the polls of what people thought; you look at how some Democrats, privately, are very unhappy with what happened; you look at the reality that, until the rematch, the President is going to be in the barrel of having to deal with the fallout of tonight. The fact checks matter but so does style…. The thing that we haven’t mentioned that’s most important: he started in stride. He never lost it.

Watch the video above.

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