What Can Romney Do?

11:10 am ET

On “Morning Joe,” Donny Deutsch, I and the others talk about what the nominee of the GOP might be able to do to come back.

Watch the video above.

HALPERIN: “I think he’s frittered away a lot of opportunities but I still think his strongest argument, which would find appeal from a lot of people, including Mark McKinnon, writing in the Daily Beast, who’s now calling Mitt Romney a deeply cynical man, is, it’s hard to argue that the President is really well positioned to meet the challenges we face, starting in January with the Fiscal Cliff, after four years of what he’s done. The President’s got an argument to make but I think that’s Romney’s strongest argument. He doesn’t have a great argument based on laying down a predicate to say he’d be stronger. But I think saying, does the middle class want four more years of what we’ve had for the last four years is his strongest argument and taking on the Fiscal Cliff and the big debt and deficit issues that he does care so much about. But he’s running out of time to do it because the press, right now, I think, would take a narrative of Romney’s taking charge of his own campaign. He’s talking about what he really believes in. He should tell his fundraisers, sorry, I’m not spending my day going to four fundraisers. We’ve got enough money if I have a good message so that’s it. Other people can go to the fundraisers. I don’t anticipate him doing any of that but, to me, that’s where the direction would be, to take charge of his campaign before it’s too late.”
DEUTSCH: “Joe, I want to just do a little work session with you and go back to what we talked about, because the more I think about it, I actually think there’s an opportunity to seize on rage, for lack of a better word, and, once again, say, what I said yesterday, I said it the wrong way. But you know what? I’m glad I opened the door because this is what this means: this country is going down. I’m mad. That 47% and that other 53%, nobody wants to give on anything. And it’s time and I’m the one who’s going to make the hard choices where the President has not. Kind of kick up the rage out of it. I know it’s a bold move. It’s his only shot.”
HALPERIN: “Well, just, I totally agree with what Donnie said, but then leavened by, as you said, optimism. I’m angry about this. I’m angry where the country’s gone but we can do better. We have the ability, as a country, to come back. We can start in January. And I think if he does that, if he harnesses the anger and takes what he said and freshens it up and fixes it up a bit, I think that’s, as Donnie said, an opportunity and a pretty decent message. And I’ll go back to; it’s something he truly believes. He truly believes that we can do better and he’s truly angry about the direction the country’s gone.”

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