State of the Romney Campaign

7:30 am ET

From “Morning Joe,” my Take on where the Romney effort stands:

SCARBOROUGH: “What are they talking about in Boston? What’s their next step? Are they in a bunker or do they understand they’ve got to make some dramatic changes?”

HALPERIN: “Well, I think they all should read Peggy Noonan’s column, which you cited earlier. I think, even if they don’t agree with everything in it, and I don’t agree with everything in it, but it’s very smart, in terms of analyzing what is going on. Look, they think that they’re still on a decent trajectory but they know that Governor Romney needs to step up his game. I think Mike’s absolutely right. One of the worst things about his performance on that video is that it doesn’t come off as optimistic. The irony is — and Mike’s also right, he’s hard to understand — the irony is, I find him to be about one of the most optimistic politicians I’ve ever covered, when he’s being himself and being natural. I don’t think he necessarily was representing himself in that fundraiser the way he truly is. But, he doesn’t have big ideas. I think Richard’s absolutely right. And the Obama people agree with this. They said to me yesterday, one reason why this tape is getting so much coverage is because Romney’s not filling the vacuum with anything. He’s doing one public event a day, maybe one interview a day. He’s mostly doing closed fundraisers. He’s come out twice now to respond to the video. He hasn’t really changed the narrative in a more positive direction. He must change things in a more positive direction. And that’s what they’re counting on, particularly in the first debate.”

Watch the video above.

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