State of the Race

7:06 am ET

My “Morning Joe” summary of the swirl of overnight polling data:

“There’s a lot of national polling data out there. The Romney campaign is helpfully pointing not to the Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll, which shows the President with a pretty substantial lead. Or the CBS/New York Times polls in Wisconsin and Virginia. The Washington Post poll in Virginia. There’s a lot of polling that suggests the President has a big lead, and, if you look below the horserace numbers, the Romney campaign has to be troubled by the fact that if you ask the question, who do you trust more to deal with the economy, the President, who had a big gap there, the one attribute where he had a big gap, has closed the gap in a lot of polls. But there are other polls like the Associated Press poll, like the USA Today/Gallup poll that shows the race much tighter, particularly among likely voters. And, I think, it’s easy, not just talking about a Republican in terms of gaffes, it’s easy for the filter, the Gang of 500, the Chattering Class, to look at a Republican gaffe or a Democratic gaffe and think, oh my goodness, this is the whole race. The whole thing’s been thrown off. Fundamentally, the President has a lead. He had a lead before. Some of his convention lead has dissipated. Romney’s behind but this race is not over, despite what you might read on Twitter.”

Watch the video above.

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