Chicago Responds to Romney Middle East Peace Comments

2:19 pm ET

In an interview in the campaign headquarters, a senior Obama-Biden campaign official had a strong reaction to the destined-to-be-less-noticed Romney comments from the Florida fundraising video in which he expresses stunning hopelessness about the peace process and denigrates what he suggests is a lack of Palestinian commitment to peace. About Romney this Obama adviser said:

“He’s not ready for prime time. He’s saying in private to a bunch of high-end donors something that’s completely contrary to what he’s saying in public. That’s not the U.S. position and that’s not the Israeli position. He’s playing with fire. And that’s a pretty big test to fail if you are trying to be commander-in-chief.”

I’m still eager to hear what the Palestinians themselves have to say about this, as well as the Bush- and Clinton-era officials who worked on peace.

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